It is in the delivery of quality and relevant basic education that Filipino children can be fully and highly empowered to become lifelong learners.

          The centerpiece of all efforts in the Division of Iloilo City (DIC) is to provide learners with functional and adequate knowledge, sufficient skills and appropriate attitude to develop their potentials, cultivate their creativity, vitalize their sense of national pride, enhance leadership skills and strengthen desirable values so that they will become independent and productive citizens who are able to compete in this fast changing world.

The Division of Iloilo City, has quite a number of impressive achievements in the region, the country, and abroad. Worthy to mention is the high performance level maintained by the Division as evidenced by the EXCELLENCE AWARD as Outstanding DECS Division Office in Western Visayas (City Category) for exemplary performance and accomplishments in the fields of Personnel records Management and Public Personnel Administration for Calendar Years 1997, 1998 and 1999 given during the 100th Anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service Commission on September 19, 2000; the CSC Comprehensive Audit Report citing that the Division Office “substantially meets the basic requirement for accreditation to take final action of its appointments under the CSC Accreditation Program”.

                The latest accolades came when in early October 2009, Division of Iloilo City, through an unprecedented 20% improvement in the National Achievement Test results in the span of four (4) years, has helped the City Government of Iloilo clinch the title The First HALL OF FAMER in this country as cited by Palladium Group, Inc. in Jakarta, Indonesia for improved public accountability and promotion of responsible citizenship and economic and social development.

                Division of Iloilo City also takes prides in being the 2009 National Winner on School-Based Values Education Program implementation; one of the three cities in the country to have been given internet connection under the GILAS Project; one of the 30 Division Potensyal Winner for ICT Development Plan of school; and home to renowned Ati-Ati dance Warriors participated in by student from public secondary schools in the Division that helped the City bag the title as Best Tourism event of the Year 2008.

               The Division Education Development Plan (DEDP) for 2010 – 2015 will describe the projected path of the Division in the years ahead. Likewise, it will outline the general thrusts and directions of the division and its strategies in coping with the demands of change.

                The Division of Iloilo City was established in 1949.  It has one Division Office building with an area of 1,000 sq. m., located at General Luna Street, Iloilo City and has seven (7) school districts, fifty (50) complete elementary schools, two (2) integrated schools and eleven (11) secondary schools



DepEd, Division of Iloilo City, is a premier Division that produces pro-active, socially responsive and globally competitive basic education learning institutions for the formation of students into proficient, productive, responsible, and conscientious individuals for tomorrow’s society.



DepEd, Division of Iloilo City, commits to provide quality and relevant education that is accessible to all children and youth of Iloilo City through

Ø  Formal

Ø  Informal

Ø  Alternative Learning System, and

Ø  Multimedia channels



DepEd, Division of Iloilo City strives to make every Ilonggo learner functionally literate.



Believing in the quote, “It takes the whole village to educate a child,” this Division, in partnership with stakeholders, commits to the holistic development of learners in a child-friendly environment.


Ø  Integrity

Ø  Excellence

Ø  Efficiency and Effectiveness

Ø  Social Responsibility



Area Covered

Elementary Schools

Secondary Schools


City Proper

1.  Iloilo Central ES

2.  Rizal ES

3.  A. Bonifacio ES

4.  A. Mabini ES

5.  M.L. Quezon ES


1. Fort San Pedro

    Nat’l. High School

2. SPED-Integrated

    School for



    (SPED- ISEC)



1.  A. Montes I ES

2.  A. Montes II ES

3.  Jalandoni Mem. ES

4.  Bo. Obrero ES

1. Jalandoni Mem.

    Nat’l. High School

2. Bo. Obrero Nat’l.

    High School


La Paz

1.  La Paz I ES

2.  La Paz II ES

3.  Graciano Lopez

     Jaena ES

4.  Nabitasan ES

5.  Ticud ES

6.  N.J. Ingore ES

1. La Paz

    Nat’l. High School




1.  Jaro I ES

2.  Jaro II ES

3.  Sambag ES

4.  Tacas ES

5.  Balantang ES

6.  Cubay ES

7.  Balabago ES

8.  MV Hechanova ES

9.  L. Mirasol ES

10. Buntatala ES

11. TCT-AR Found. &

      Integrated School

12. Bito-on ES

13. Judith L. Tiongco ES

14. Angela Celis Mem. Sch

15. Quintin Salas ES


1. Jaro Nat’l. High  


2.  Buntatala Nat’l.

     High School

3.  R.G. Hechanova

      Nat’l. HS

4.  Tiu Cho Teg–Ana

     Ros Foundation

     Integrated School



1.  Mandurriao ES

2.  Tabucan ES

3.  Hibao-an ES

4.  A. Mirasol ES

5.  D. Pison ES

6.  N. Borres ES

7.  Bakhaw ES

8.  Bolilao ES


1.  Mandurriao Nat’l.

     High School




1.  Baluarte ES

2.  Molo I ES

3.  Molo II ES

4.  I. Arroyo ES

5.  Calumpang ES

6.  San Juan ES

7.  Taal ES

1.  Iloilo City Nat’l.   

     High School

2.  Melchor L. Nava

     Nat’l. HS



1.  Arevalo ES

2.  Sto. Niño Sur ES

3.  Sto. Domingo ES

4.  Calaparan ES

5.  E. Yusay ES

6.  S. Abeto ES

1. R. Avanceña Nat’l.

    High school

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