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With the initiative of school heads of DepEd Silay City, the National Competency Based Teachers Standard (NCBTS) Teachers’ Strength and Training Needs Analysis (TSNA) has been rolled out in the whole division starting 2nd week of January 2013 up to this press time. Schools were clustered by 4 or 5 so as the number of participants would reach forty to fifty.

          Prior to the roll out, all school heads of this division has attended an Orientation and Walkthrough of Session Learning Episodes (SLE) 2 and 3 pertaining to the WHAT, WHY and HOW of NCBTS in preparation for the administration of the tool for teachers,  last Jan.8, 2013 at the Silay South Elem. School.

          The Teachers’ Strengths & Needs Assessment (TSNA), is seen to be essential in professional development programs that are aligned to the needs of the DepEd programs which determine the differences between the actual situation (what is) and the desired condition (what should be) in terms of teacher’s competencies within the department.  

          In order to realize the commitment to provide quality education through they thrusts of BESRA,TSNA is conducted to identify the needs of teachers for their continuing training and development.

          Specifically, TSNA intends to determine the competency gaps or learning needs in terms Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSAs) of individual teachers standard set by the NCBTS in each of the seven domains and 23 strands: Social Regards for Learning, Learning Environment, Diversity of Learners, Curriculum, Planning, Assessing and Reporting, Community Linkages, Personal Growth and Professional Development.

Each School consolidates the results of all teachers’ TSNA scores. A Consolidation Template is provided. An electronic version for this purpose is also provided for ease of consolidation by the school heads.

With the NCBTS-TSNA, the following  problems will be resolved according to research conducted by the department:  the Gap that exists between current provision of INSET and the regional vision for quality in-service teacher development; the Lack of regional and division structures for the systematic delivery of quality INSET programs for teachers; the Laxity of implementation of policies and standards and the conduct of training programs; INSET is wanting of effective systems and procedures including the lack of systematic TSNA processes, delivery modes and technologies. (by: mbb)

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