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DepEd reminds teachers to remain neutral this election period Print
The Department of Education is issuing a warning to all its officials, public school
teachers, and employees not to involve themselves in partisan politics this coming
elections and to ensure that they do their duty in ensuring a free, honest, and clean

“I call on the entire Department, especially the Superintendents who will serve in the
Board of Canvassers, and the teachers who will serve in the Board of Election
Inspectors (BEI) in the various precincts nationwide to preserve the integrity and
dignity of the education sector by not engaging directly or indirectly in electioneering
or any partisan political activity except to vote,” said Education Secretary Mona
Valisno said that she wants all DepEd employees to  be role models among all
government employees and as such, they should maintain utmost impartiality and
neutrality in exercising their official functions during the conduct of the elections.
She added that all DepEd employees found to be engaged in electioneering will be
administratively charged and subject to disciplinary action under Civil Service Law
and the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.
Assistant Secretary Jonathan Malaya, DepEd Spokesman, explained that all DepEd
officials and employees as members of the Civil Service are prohibited under the
Constitution to involve themselves in partisan politics.  
“Civil Service Law expressly prohibits government employees from engaging directly
or indirectly in any partisan political activity or taking part in any election except to
vote. This also includes using official authority or influence to coerce the political
activity of any person, party, or body,” said Malaya.
Malaya added that the reminder was issued after receiving several reports from the
field that some officials and teachers were allegedly campaigning for candidates or
political parties.  
He said that Valisno wants responsible DepEd officials to immediately look into
reports that teachers were involved in electioneering as soon as they receive one.
He also voiced DepEd’s call for the public to report any incidence of electioneering
on the part of DepEd employees to the nearest DepEd Division or Regional Office or
report the matter directly to the office of Undersecretary Franklin Sunga at 633-7205
or call the DepEd Action Center at 636-1663 or send a text message to 0919-456-
“DepEd officials and employees are also deputies of the Commission on Elections
(COMELEC), hence any hint or suspicion of impropriety should be avoided at all
times. Thus, we urge the public to be vigilant and  help the DepEd ensure the
success of our first ever automated elections,” Malaya said.


source:www.deped.gov.ph, deped updates, press release, april 30, 2010.


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